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Last updated 20-01-08



Datacraft is now operating a Lead Free production line, our aim is to comply with the RoHS Directive prior to the 1st July 2006 Implementation date for all products.

VBWV1 and DC13700 are now compliant.

Please contact us for the compliance status of our other products.


Recently introduced

Now available, the DC13700 has been designed to drive monochrome graphics LCD modules via a simple 8 bit indirect parallel interface. The board is based on the Epson S1D13700 display controller with 32K byte of embedded SRAM. Please go to the products section for more on this and other Datacraft products

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DATACRAFT - Electronic design and manufacture                    DATACRAFT - Electronic design and manufacture                   DATACRAFT - Electronic design and manufacture                       DATACRAFT - Electronic design and manufacture